Sinn Bodhi vs Cody Deaner - Scotiabank Convention Centre - Click below to view

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About Us

CWF Canada

CWF Canada is a Canadian based Pro Wrestling Company.

We travel across Canada with live family friendly wrestling events, and Anti-Bullying Workshops

CWF Training Centre.

Our training centre in located in St Catharines, Ontario, Canada

We teach the Youth and Adults this incredible art of Professional Wrestling

From basics to the most advance knowledge.

We give you the tools you need to become a Professional Wrestler.

CWF First Nations

CWF Canada has been travelling to First Nation Communities for the past 23 years.

With our live family friendly wrestling entertainment, and a positive message for our youth.

CWF Canada has became a huge demand to every community we visit.

CWF Canada believes the youth are our future.

So lets make our future positive

Bring CWF CANADA into your community today

CWF is a step above the rest

give us a chance, and we will prove it.


WRESTLELUSION X - July 18th, 2020


CWF Canada is Celebrating 25th years as a company and our 10th Annual WRESTLELUSION EVENT this year.

With every passing year WRESTLELSUION continues to grow and is now one of the biggest Independent wrestling events in Canada.

Niagara Falls, Scotiabank Convention Centre has become the home of WRESTLELUSION for the past 4 years.

This year WRESTLELUSION X returns to Scotiabank Convention Centre JULY 18th 2020, 7pm. Tickets are onsite.

Already signed for this years event WWE HALL OF FAMER "BILLY GUNN" aslo

ECW Legend "Tommy Dreamer"


Niagara Falls, CANADA

Scotiabank Convention Centre

Tickets are available at the BOX Office and online

Get your tickets today.

Call 289-687-5610


Merry Christmas CWF Fans

CWF Canada will be giving away a CWF Hoodie every week until Jan 1st, 2019

One lucky INSTAGRAM FOLLOWER will be picked and a CWF Hooodie will be mailed once a week for the month of December 2018.   GOOD LUCK CWF Instagrammers

Niagara Falls Scotiabank Convention Centre

Highlights from Wrestllelusion VII 2017

Niagara Falls, Canada

Scotiabank Convention Centre

Oh Canada

Jesse Bieber sings Oh Canada in Niagara Falls


Main event is now set for July 28 at the ScotiaBank Convention Centre in Beautiful Niagara Falls, Canada.

Kryss Thorn vs Jesse Bieber

Father vs Son

Who will walk out CWF World Champion?

VICE TV - CWF Documentary

A Look at the CWF Canada with First Nations

CWF Wrestling School


Adults Classes

CWF teaches you everything you need to know to become a professional wrestler.

Including: Character Developing, Grappling, Promo Skills, High Flying (acrobatics)

Psychology, Ring Timing and Positioning, and so much more

Only a $100/Month

Kids Classes

Our kids program is for all ages.

We start the kids off with simple rolls, and gymnastics, and the basics of wrestling knowledge.

We also teach Structure, Discipline,Respect and drama skills.

We show the kids that wrestling can be a lot of fun.

CWF Kids Classes are Saturdays at 1:30pm for beginners.

Advance Kids Wednesdays at 6:30pm

$50.00 / Month

CWF Special Needs

CWF Opens our doors to give everyone a chance to live their dreams.

CWF Special Needs offers a class for kids, and adult with disabilities.

We give them a chance to step into a wrestling ring and act out their dreams.

Whether it being as simple as playing character that is their hero, or maybe even doing rolls, or jumps, or even obstacle coarse.

CWF believes in peoples dreams

S75.00 /  Month

School Shows

CWF has started a student program for our students.

The students get the chance to perform in front of a live crowd as a learning tool.

This training program is called NWX Wrestling.

Parents, Family and Friends are the LIVE crowd, so the students can understand what its like to be in a real show. In front of a real crowd, before they enter the real world of pro wrestling.

NWX Wrestling

Birthday Parties

CWF Canada also hosts Birthday Parties, Celebrations and different events through our school.

Birthday Parties range from a simple friends being able to do a small class, with entrances, food , cake to a Private Wrestling Event for their Family and Friends.

Different Packages are offered.

From $200.00 up to $400.00

Book your Special Occasion Today

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20 Hartzel Rd, Saint Catharines, Ontario L2P 1L8, Canada

(289) 687-5610


Open today

12:00 p.m. – 09:00 p.m.

Check Calendar for Local School Shows

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