2017 CWF Hall Of Fame inductees

Ernie Todd


Ernie Todd was the founder of CWF

Canadian Wrestling Federation

Ernie started CWF in 1995 out of Winnipeg Manitoba.

Ernie would bring CWF Events to The Aboriginal Communities accross Canada including the First Nation Reserves that were only accessable by plane or winter roads.

Ernie then became the NWA World President and CWF was joined for a few years as NWA/CWF

Along with the travelling wrestling shows, Ernie started a drug and alochol awareness program that would grow, and grow.

Later would turn into Suicide Prevention and a Positive Life Choice Workshops.

Ernie would hire wrestlers from around North America to take part in this journey that would some day end of being Canadas biggest wrestling promotion.

Ernie retired the from CWF and sold the company to one of his long time loyal wrestlers and close friend Kryss Thorn ( Frank Ryckman) in 2011

Ernie continues to support CWF and Kryss Thorn to this day

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- Kryss Thorn

- Kwan Chang

- Jesse Bieber

- Samson Wischee

Kwan Chang


Kwan Chang started wrestling in 1997

He was trained by Dewy Robertson  ( The Missing Link)

Kwan started with CWF in 2001 with CK Sexx and Kryss Thorn

The three of them became regular wrestlers on The CWF Roster.

With Kwan Chang having over 1000 matches in CWF and is a Former CWF Tag Champion and a Former Heavyweight Champion

Kwan Chang is now a proud CWF Hall Of Fame Inductee

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- Rip Impact

- Mike Hammer

- Ck Sexx

Michael Colyn - Fan Appreciation HOF


Michael has been a proud supporter of CWF for the past 8 years

Michael always supports the wrestlers, buy purchasing thier merchandise and taking pictures of the wrestlers from past shows. and printing them and giving a copy to the wrestler for FREE.

Michael has supported CWF since the beginning

we welcome Michael to the Fan Appreciation Hall Of Fame.